In a recent report, 451 noted that they had seen the rise of a new conceptual framework – variously referred to as 'Zero Trust,' 'BeyondCorp,' 'software-defined perimeter (SDP)' or 451 Research's preference, 'Unified Access Control (UAC)' – in which the notion of a hardware-based perimeter is replaced with a new vision where access to corporate resources is no longer based mainly on where you are, but more on who you are and what you are allowed to do based on your role and other contextual attributes.

In a new report, 451 takes a closer look at Meta Networks, one of a handful of new vendors that have sprung up to address the new zero trust movement, with an SDP offering that relies on a virtual network in the cloud that is identity-based and can serve as an alternative to traditional VPNs as a way to access applications.

This report covers:

  • Context
  • Products
  • Strategy
  • Competition