About This Webinar

Thanks to two IT megatrends, it’s not “just another day at the office.” Why? Because employees and applications are both moving off-site. We’re working from airports, coffee shops, WeWork and home - often from unmanaged personal devices. And the applications that we use are moving to the cloud.   This is a major disruption for network security, which was designed for a site-centric world. VPN, the conventional solution for remote access, is unpopular with users and IT alike. And worse, it exposes a wide attack surface for unwelcome guests.

What You Will Learn

It’s time for a new approach - a software-defined perimeter. In this webinar you will learn how Meta Networks and Cyren have joined forces to provide:  
  • Zero-trust remote access to corporate applications - in both the datacenter and the cloud
  • Anytime, anywhere secure internet access
  • Simple onboarding and management
  • 100% cloud-delivered